Khan Foundation

In 2019, we donated £2000 to Khan Foundation who offer good education to less privileged children from poor families in slum communities in Nigeria.

Speaking to the founder, we realised they had a need to IT infrastructure. The children were learning about computers and peripherals with textbooks. They never had the chance to actually learn how to turn a computer on, or type with a keyboard, or print a word document, or understand the mechanics of a computer. Theoretically they were amazing in their knowledge but in an advancing world where the knowledge of I.T. and being able to use computers is important in employability, we thought it was very important to start teaching these kids to actually use computers and become computer savvy. Kids these days already start learning how to use mobile phones and iPads at such a tender age.

This meant that the children in these slum communities are at a disadvantage.

We therefore decided to put the £2000 donation towards building a computer room with modern HP computers, tables and chairs for the students. In addition, we bought an electric generator for them to power the computers when there is an outage. We also bought a printer and funded 10 of their teaching staff salaries for a month.

TKF Care Charity

In 2018, we donated £2000 to TKF Care Charity. We requested for the money to be used to fund The Home of Gods Grace for Orphans and Widows who work in partnership with TKF Charity. The funds (£800) helped in feeding 70 orphans, and 40 widows in Nigeria for a month.

£1200 was used to sponsor 12 children and pay for their school/education fees.

Ever since I was a child in Nigeria, my mother would take my siblings and I to the motherless babies home. We would go there to wash their clothes, help with their chores and play with the kids. The children were of the age range of 0-13 or 14yrs. My mother would have loaded our car boot with groceries and other food consumables. Since then, I’ve had the need and hunger to always do what I can to give back to my community and help those in need. I’m super grateful that Gtruly Weddings give me the opportunity to do such.

Would you believe that out of the worlds 28 poorest countries, 27 are in sub-Saharan Africa, all with a poverty rate above 30%.

If you would love to help eradicate poverty in your own little way, some companies to sponsor are TKF Charity & Compassion UK. There are also lots more to consider depending on your conviction and belief in what those charities stand for.